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Read the story of the fictional person "Anna" and how "Living longer at home" system could help out and turn a problematic situation in to a sustainable one.


By "L. Askenäs, 2017"

Meet Anna, a strong independent elderly woman that recently suffered the loss of her husband that used to take care of all the “technical things”.


She is very proud that she is able to manage her own living, not dependent on children, relatives or home care. However, lately things have started to happen that troubled her a bit. She has been very close to fall in the kitchen while preparing coffee for her friends that were visiting her. She also slipped in the bathroom two days before when the light bulb had broken. Proud as she is, she did not tell anyone… also not wanting her kids to interfere and again start talking about moving to a housing for elderly. But we all know that these are early signals for Anna to have a falling accident…


…FRONT-VL will focus to make it possible for Anna to continue to be proud and independent

Anna 88 years old living in her own house: She do not have any aid except from a wristband – a personal alert system – where she can call for help, and a rollator for walking outside. Anna feels that she is socially interconnected, communicating with her teenager grandkids on Facebook and singing with her great grand kids on Skype - video calls.



…FRONT-VL shall make it possible for Anna to use the latest technologies without feeling insecure, supervised and take her integrity and privacy concerns seriously 

Anna 88 years old living by herself in her own house: Anna is walking with her rollator outside suddenly she feels a temporary weakness in her left leg, making her sit down on the rollator. Soon she feels she is ok again and do not consider the incident much. Just a couple days after at a community gathering in the neighborhood Anna’s friends notice that she has hard time understanding and that her face droops on one side. They see the signs and call emergency at once. Unfortunately, Anna had a severe stroke, needs to be hospitalized for three weeks and is in need of daily help at her home … She feels a bit depressed, even if she tries to follow her rehabilitation plan it takes effort and time, and will she ever be ok again?



…FRONT-VL will support early warning signals and stimulate Anna to get the best personalized rehabilitation as she can both mentally and physically


In 2020, Anna 88 years old living in a small city somewhere in Europe in her own house: Anna recently installed a basic version of a “health improvement caddy” system in her home, tracking her daily life inside and outside the house. This monitoring is not just for the sake of her own well-being she has been told – her data can also help others in showing risks and common patterns of non-risky behavior. She believes it can be a good thing if it somehow helps other elderly from suffering “as long it doesn’t get in my way” – Anna says.



…FRONT-VL will connect data from the many and give knowledge back to the individual about both the risks and things to do to reduce risks in the daily being, in a way that take integrity, security and privacy into account




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