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Johannes Kropf (Linkedin) AIT homepage


About AIT

• More than 10 years of experience in middle ware platforms, data analysis, AAL and health care

• Focus on providing close-to-market solutions to be commercialized by the industry

• Business strategy in expanding solutions to target main IoT domains in the health and care domain


Main Contribution, Role and Interest in FRONT-VL Project

• Providing a AAL-health care platform to be used at private facilities for the elderly to support formal/informal care personnel

• Providing novel algorithms for multi-modal data analysis including health and environment related data

• Providing responsible context-ware avatar based user interfaces 


Expected Results, Business, Prospects and Go-To-Market Plans

• Aim is to gain a fully integrated intelligent health care support system based on state-of-the-art IoT paradigms

• Gaining the Austrian leadership in intelligent smart home solutions for the home care domain

• Establishing a license based business partnership with an appropriate partner (care organization or service provider)

Medical University of Vienna

University, Institute for Outcomes Research with

the Centre for medical statistics, informatics and intelligent systems



Dr. Tanja Stamm  (Linkedin)


About MUV

• Many years of experience in outcomes research and definition of new tools and complex indices

• Strong expertise in the design and evaluation of medical studies


Main Contribution, Role and Interest in FRONT-VL Project

• Design and evaluation of pilot studies

•Contribution to end-user involvement and user-centered design

• Support in ethical questions


Expected Results, Business Prospects and Go-To-Market Plans

• Strengthening the network and expertise in the evaluation of market-near products

Fachhochschule St. Pölten (Self-financed)



FH-Prof. Kerstin Lampel



Main Contribution,

•  Focus on health related science

•  Expertise in end-user needs and elderly care


Role and Interest in FRONT-VL Project:

•  Evaluation of technology withend-users

•  Support in design from physiotherapeutical perspectives (physical training, virtual buddy)

•  Advice in ethical questions


Expected Results,

Business Prospects and Go-To-Market Plans:

•  Increased quality in academic

programs ,increasing network, providing international perspectives to students



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