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Main Contribution, Role and Interest in FRONT-VL Project


* ViLynx aims to develop an AI self-learning and unsupervised solutions able to detect the basic movements of the person in order to predict the following actions (fall) in order to try to avoid them. 


* The strategic objective is dual. First First to expand our AI solutions from the Media Industry to the Health sector and on Second term get the medical knowledge to develop Action Recognition solutions that we will adapt to a market we do already know and master, 


Expected Results, Business Prospects and Go-To-Market Plans


* FRONT-VL project will define the MVP (a very simple first product the market would start to adopt). ViLynx solution will be a part of this FRONT-VL “platform/product/solution” so ViLynx will eliminate its lack of knowledge of the Health/Monitoring market by joining the project as project partner already commercialize solutions in the Health/Monitoring markets. * Monitoring Remotely elderly and chronic disease patients at home/hospital/Care Center is a $1B business ($2.1B in 2022 with a 56% CAGR)


We’re a team of media minds and AI engineers. We understand the challenges media companies are facing as they compete against Netflix and the other digital giants. And we develop proven tools to meet them. That’s why we’re honored to work with the world’s top publishers as their trusted AI partner.


 We catalogue your raw video and make it fully searchable for the first time. Best-in-class metadata for video, text and images. We process your video and give you the most relevant tags about the content, even indicating if a concept appears visually or is mentioned in the audio.



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