Linnaeus University


A University that have research that covers the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and engineering, with 31000 students and 10 study programs.

* Well recognized research in e-health and have a Big data center start-up and an e-Health institute associated and company network collaboration (IEC) in the regional IT industry.


Main Contribution, Role and Interest in FRONT-VL Project:

* Strong experience in Co-design of health processes with health professions and patients and expertise in learning applications and interaction design for elderly

* Development of digitally driven business models for health care industry and visualization, big data management, analytics and security and integrity.


Expected Results, Business Prospects and Go-To-Market Plans:

* Higher research impact, including, E-health solutions, learning systems and co-design, by development of big data and analytics driven organizational change and learning systems.

* An IoT and analytic lab for testing, prototyping and new innovations for FRONT-VL and researchers and students.

* Knowledge of international EU-projects, research collaborations, societal relevance and challenges, and how to contribute to health practice internationally.

Region Jönköping County


A health care provider with 3 hospitals and 24 primary care units that serve a population of 350 000 citizens

* Internationally recognized for quality improvement knowledge and methods and research and nationally strong partner for service innovations within health industry

* National responsibilities for quality management register for elderly care, with over 300 affiliated care units – the whole health industry of Sweden that report and register e.g. the risk of falls, prevented actions and actual falls for each patient.


Main Contribution, Role and Interest in FRONT-VL Project:

* Knowledge and competence of the requirement and needs of the FRONT-VL solution with experts in evidence based medicine and practice

* Serve as a test bed for the integrated solution and acting as a pilot and validation of the system in real care units and at elderly’s home environment

* Integration and coordination with existing health information systems and IT suppliers. Bringing the FRONT-VL solution and service innovation to the Swedish health care units by offering improved Q2-register


Expected Results, Business Prospects and Go-To-Market Plans:

* Increased quality of life for elderly citizens and reduced cost of care and administration of data collection for quality improvements and research activities

* Better management and operational tool for prevented care and quality of improvements and research in health care.

* Improved IT-solution and service process and value to all affiliated members of quality register.

* Being able to bring the service and the quality register to the European health market

Sigma Technology Solutions


Sigma Technology Solutions is a trusted strategic partner supporting our clients around the world to develop, improve and implement new products in fully- tailored solutions.

* More than 20 years of experience in providing services within R&D. Annually deliver more than 850,000 hours in multi-site Managed Services.

* All services conform to ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001.

* Sigma Technology’s global presence ensures the competence and capacity to offer high-quality local delivery in combination with a global reach.


Main Contribution, Role and Interest in FRONT-VL Project

* Sigma delivers development of customized visualization, designed in accordance with co-design principles


Expected Results, Business Prospects and Go-To-Market Plans

* New potential partners an experience for further delivery of SI and Development Services

* Sigma intends to utilize experiences gained from the project to further address IoT projects in the security and eHealth sector.

Softhouse AB, Växjö

Contact: Johan Lindblom CEO Växjö & Jönköping

+46 709 86 51 85,  johan.lindblom@softhouse.se

A smart office with a lot of tech feeling!

In Växjö you will find a mixed team with high involvement of driven coaches, developers, project managers and trainers. We always strive to create team spirit from within, which we then take with us to our customers and partners. We are happy to train and hold several different courses and events within Lean and Agile with the aim of stimulating professional skills in the software industry in Växjö. We believe that every employee can make a unique career journey and that we together can make a difference, both for the individual, the team and our green city.

Tingsryd Municipal, Home Rehab Department



Next generation IoT platform to expedite the generation and analysis of data (i.e. value)

* Dramatically reducing the development time of new Applications (SaaS) based on interconnections and interactions of Things and Services, even by non-professional Software Programmers

* Yodiwo IoT platform today holds abilities to easily integrate new data sources, Digital and Analogue, managing real- time capacities in analyzing data streams for the benefit of swift connection to appropriate delivery channel.


Main Contribution, Role and Interest in FRONT-VL Project


* Yodiwo contributes by state of the art IoT Integration Plaatform

* With the easy to use graphical tool, the platform is easy to use also for domain experts in i.e. eHealth

Expected Results, Business Prospects and Go-To-Market Plans

* Yodiwo expects to grow business by pre-package solution for eHealth orchestration of Data

* Yodiwo will utilize experience from project to address other market segments, such as security

Retired: Axians AB


Contacts: Patrik Jonsson Torbjörn Jernberg



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