Peculiarities of fall prevention database development that support big data and analytics




XIV International Scientific and Technical Conference

Computer Science and Information Technologies

Lviv, UKRAINE, 17-20 September, 2019



Jaime Campos  and Linda Askenäs 

Linnaeus University



The paper presents the process of developing a digital platform, especially the databases that support the possi-bilities to handle big data in the e-health sector for purposes of fall prevention with the objective to achieve independent living at home. It focuses on the system development process, i.e. require-ments elicitation, engineering, as well as highlights consequently the explicit aspects, challenges and matters encountered in the development process of the FRONT-VL project, specifically for the database development phase. In addition, the importance of considering existent standards during the development process are highlighted. Hence, it aims to provide best practices for the development process. Thus, the authors go through the require-ments elicitation process to understand the data and technologies needed to attain ICT objectives of the project.


J. Campos and L. Askenäs, "Peculiarities of fall prevention database development that support big data and analytics," 2019 IEEE 14th International Conference on Computer Sciences and Information Technologies (CSIT), Lviv, Ukraine, 2019, pp. xxii-xxv, doi: 10.1109/STC-CSIT.2019.8929850.



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